Yana Poplavskaya was in the epicenter of the scandal.

Яна Поплавская попала в эпицентр скандала с Джигарханяном
The actress gets disturbing calls from strangers.

Yana Poplavskaya and Andrey Malakhov on the set of the show “live”

Photo: Social networks

Yana Poplavskaya may soon greatly regret his recent participation in the program “live with Andrey Malakhov”, dedicated to the scandal of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. The actress was invited there as an expert. Poplavskaya has a point of view on the unfolding public dismantling of the people’s artist wife. She made it clear that won in the conflict side Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and urged people to look at the situation objectively. “I went on the program as we worked in the theatrical administrative positions and know how the law works and the Department of Culture! I hate lies and stupid accusations. Me for this one.” — said Jan.

From the point of view Poplavskaya defenders Dzhigarkhanyan in this situation are guided by his professional merit, but they have nothing to do with human qualities. “I say again to all, no need to shout about the merits of people in the profession! Sometimes professional achievements are contrary to humanity, dignity, humility and the qualities that distinguish man from beast!” — written by Jan in social networks.

As it turned out, shortly after the filming of the production, Poplavskaya began to receive calls from certain “Armenians”, who persistently tried to explain to her that she was wrong. “Just called my Director, Armenian politely asked why I defend Vitalinu and that (he — they ) do not agree with my position and attitude to the situation….” — added Ian. She admitted that the effects shots in the show shocked her. Poplavskaya did not expect that will be the focus of the “Armenians.”

Meanwhile, next week should be an official divorce Dzhigarkhanyan with a young wife. In parallel, there is a trial in open criminal case on the happiness of fraud. During the inspection of the theatre Armen Borisovich the police counted 80 million rubles, which allegedly was written off to offshore accounts.