Irina Muromtseva spoke about the scandals in the family

Ирина Муромцева рассказала о скандалах в семье
The presenter has found effective ways to resolve conflicts.

Irina Muromtseva, her husband and daughters

Photo: @iramuromtseva Instagram Irina Muromtseva

In the house Irina Muromtseva conflicts are common. Family quarrels presenter to happen between her two daughters: sixteen years of Love and four-year-old Alexandra and her children and husband. Irina admits her children have completely different characters and come to a “common denominator” in some issues, sometimes it is just incredibly difficult. However Muromtseva have found an effective method, allowing it to return peace to the house.

Irina teaches members of his family in lieu of oral explanation of the relationship to make a written. Set forth in such claims and grievances are perceived not so sharply. In addition, there is a time to reflect on the answer to the opponent, and not “shoot from the hip”. “In family life, anything can happen. And when the dispute at the peak to convey their point of view is unrealistic. No matter who your opponent is – the husband, daughter or mother, — said Irina. It’s not that I didn’t know about the technique, “I write you a letter” before he got the first from my eldest daughter. But I just didn’t realize how effective it can be.

Honestly don’t remember that there was the cause of the conflict, but the dispute was serious. And, of course, in such moments I did not hear anyone, even yourself. Well have the strength not to cross the border and stop what is happening, when it is constructive and never will be. It is clear that “osadochek left,” and want to talk. But, if you want to be heard, understood, felt, and then sober the dialogue continues, write a letter. And even better that they were two in one, you can’t control it and give vent to emotions, but the second, when the foam down, fill it with constructive and calm explanation of what you feel like yourself see what happens that hurts you, as you seem to have resolved this situation. It is clear that without the assessments and from himself and about himself. It would be good to apologize! In any case, the conflict is fault on both 50: 50. Oh, and then there will be a conversation – quiet and heart-to-heart. Well, or a counter-letter, if it is difficult to speak!”