Ирина Тонева резко сменила имидж The singer surprised fans with their appearance. Irina Toneva decided to experiment with the image. Soon the soloist of group “Factory” will present a solo project, but this did not prevent her to continue to work in native collective.

      Ирина Тонева резко сменила имидж

      The graduate “Factories of stars” Irina Toneva decided to surprise all fans of modified appearance. The actress dyed her hair and got herself a haircut. If fans are used to seeing her with brown hair, now they have to get used to in an unexpected way – the soloist of group “Factory” became a platinum blonde. Transformation Coneway complements the lipstick is dark cherry color, which further emphasized the contrast with blond hair.

      I must say that this is not the first experiment of Irina with a look. Not long ago she surprised fans with a violet hair. However, not all approved the transformation of the celebrity. Some noted that it looks gaudy, but the fans have supported the desire of the artist to change.

      Courage, or error details of the strangest transformations stars

      Irina, in her own words, went, with black hair, and fiery-red, and red, so the urge to change the fans said for a long time.

      New image Irina tried on is not accidental. Very soon she will publish a new solo project. Despite the fact that now, Irina decided to become an independent artist, she does not intend to leave the home team.

      “Start your own project – it does not mean that I say goodbye to “Factory”. Of course, I remain in the group, and very grateful to the girls, Sasha Saveleva Sasha Popova and that they support me and believe in me. At the performance I invited them and Igor Matvienko, one of the first,” Toneva said.

      The singer will appear before fans in a new capacity for Life event Picnic. “Our music was born eight years ago, when we, like many, played in some cellar, improvised, he poured out his soul in the lyrics and music. The style of my project – electro-pop with different elements, with some feeling of the movies. By the way, the screen will play video graphics, to more aptly convey the mood of the sound”, – said Irina.

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