Солистку группы «Пропаганда» избил жених Arina Milan was a victim of domestic violence. The reason for the battering became the jealousy of men. Beloved singer believes that half-naked pictures of his fiancee calls the attention of fans, who bombarded her with lewd suggestions.

      Солистку группы «Пропаганда» избил жених

      The soloist of the group “Propaganda” Arina Milan was a victim of domestic violence. Her lover raised her hand and without reason, struck her blows. The singer did not hide from the public inappropriate behaviour and telling all on the page in a social network, and immediately complained to the bandmates. Subscribers were shocked by the fact that the groom allowed himself to assault. Now on the body of the actress there was a huge bruise.

      “I didn’t expect such behavior, said the girl. – It was so sudden, painful and sad. No shame because I do, totally trusted him, and now this blow!”

      The cause of the conflict between the young people was sexual jealousy. The man believes that she behaves badly spreading the network Topless pictures than denigrates the honor and attracts obsessive fans. Young man singer did not put up with such behavior and jealous of the artist to the hundreds of fans who bombarded the girl with obscene proposals. However, Arina sees nothing wrong in what becomes the object of attention from fans.

      Солистку группы «Пропаганда» избил жених “I like any girl pleasant admiring glances of men. Flowers, fans and autographs. It’s my job, and I do not think that in my photographs there is something very provocative. But because of this, we have paired the conflict broke out. My beloved gave me a hard ultimatum – either I will wear modest outfits and will stop responding to guys on social networks, or leave him. I am in complete disarray. My boyfriend is very demanding and not backing down from their decision, worried about their future, the young singer of the group “Propaganda”.

      Arina admits that he loves the elect, but it remains a mystery why he makes her to lead a solitary life.

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