Поклонники обеспокоены состоянием Екатерины Варнавы The participant of the show “Comedy Woman” surprised fans with new pictures in his microblog. They Ekaterina Barnabas looks overly thin and gaunt. In the caption, the star joked on his face and age.

      One of the most memorable participants Comedy Woman Ekaterina Barnabas loves to surprise his fans. A while ago her fans were actively discussing the probable marriage of a star, as he saw the ring on the ring finger of the striking brunette. For three years the woman happy in a relationship with a member of the project “Dance!” Constantine Myakinkova, but the wedding is out of the question, as the actress is in no hurry to tie the knot. Catherine Barnabas ceased to hide his chosen one. She’s not shy about sharing candid snapshots with participation of the beloved in his microblog. However, recent photos of Barnabas is not a joke alarmed its subscribers.

      Catherine posted a collage of three images, which are clearly visible protruding bones of the clavicle and sharp cheekbones are the stars of popular TV shows. “Fully ready to face any cosmetic brands. Nobody wants a face for advertising anti-aging cream? Free face free face,” jokingly signed frame Catherine, soon to be 32 years.

      However, the picture of Barnabas has caused admiration of her followers. All users of the social network was struck by the haggard look of a woman. “Why are you so hard to lose weight? I remember you from the first editions of “Comedy Woman” is such a big chest, nice legs, and now is very thin, all is lost,” “I hope you’re not sick! Otherwise, it’s crazy to push yourself so hard! Wherever your man is watching!”, “The horror, the skeleton, downright scary even. Anorexia lies ahead”, “Katya! Eat! Well, who cares, this thinness. You’re so good that you are so fond of. Adapts to the Moscow standard of the knick-knackers, wrote in the review admirers of star Comedy show.

      By the way, Catherine has used her appearance causes a lot of conversations. A woman has been accused of abuse of cosmetic injections and plastic surgery. Barnabas admits that had nothing to do with your body and to lose weight she could without any extra effort.

      “For many years not eat meat, and in the last two or three years, and even from fish and seafood declined. Apparently, my body has gradually got used and now completely rebooted so that the weight started to go on its own”, – told the artist in an interview.

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