Irina Saltykova threw a party in Monaco

Ирина Салтыкова закатила вечеринку в Монако The singer celebrated birthday in the company of the star friends on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Popular singer and sex symbol of the 90s shocked the resort by the scale of the feast and dances.

Irina Saltykova decided in a big way to celebrate a birthday with family and went to celebrate in Monaco. For this event, many friends of the singer flew in from different parts of Russia, Europe and even America. The celebration took place in the luxurious restaurant of national cuisine. On the tables were exquisite dishes and delicacies, a highlight of the program traditionally became a gorgeous cake with candles. Among the guests was a close friend of the singer – singer Julia Nachalova who actively shared in his microblog incendiary video and pictures from the event.

Julia has published a video with a party in honor of the birth of stars, guests dancing, having fun and having a good time in the company of each other.

“Our Birthday Party Irina! Once again I heartily congratulate you happy birthday! It was so fun and delicious!” – shared her emotions with Julia.

Irina Saltykova also has made several publications from the celebration and thanked everyone friends. “Yesterday, well walked! Thank you all for the congratulations! So many good wishes! Involuntarily feel yourself a part of this wonderful world! I’m happy! Thank you!” – touching wrote the star in Instagram.

Followers of Irene noted that the favorite looks great. “Irina! You seem to never age! I congratulate the 25th anniversary!”, “Irina, you are always so smiling! Keep it up! Happy birthday!”, “What you beautiful! Golden lady number one! Blossom!” – wrote a lot of comments fans of the performer.

Popular singer and sex symbol of the 90s Irina Saltykova still continues to excite fans with its gorgeous appearance. The artist does not hide the secrets of her beauty. According to Irina, she never sat diets, but adheres strictly to the rules of healthy eating. And its thinness explains the good genes. However, the singer still pays a lot of time to care for themselves: sports, moves a lot and believes the tour exercise. Maybe that’s why she’s having enough energy for active rest and dancing even at this age.