Each Victoria Karaseva explained her mysterious disappearance

Друг Виктории Карасевой объяснил ее таинственное исчезновение Two and a half months, fans of the ex-member of telestroke tried to understand where she is. Many assumed that Karaseva having problems in the relationship with Glory by Dvorackova, so he limited her access to the Internet. “StarHit” contacted an acquaintance, Victoria, Oleg, and found out what really happened.
Друг Виктории Карасевой объяснил ее таинственное исчезновение

Ex-participant of “House-2” Victoria Karasev has disappeared from the sight of fans on February 23 of this year. Many followers it’s Instagram began to beat the alarm, as worried about the fate of women. “StarHit” conducted its own investigation and found out where all this time was a striking brunette. Glory Dvoretskov spoke about the disappearance of tori Karaseva

The correspondent managed to contact a friend of Victoria, Oleg. The young man explained that at the moment his friend had problems with communication, because she moved to a new house in the Pushkin district of Moscow region. He also noted that Karasev finally broke up with Dvorackova, but to speak frankly on this subject is not going to.

“Now Victoria and Fame are not together. Tori is out of town, engaged in the arrangement of life in your private home. Yet without access to the Internet, but in the near time intends to come back in the online space. Victoria also continues to pursue the recovery of lost health and work, preparing a new musical material and deals with writing your own books,” said Oleg “StarHit”.
Друг Виктории Карасевой объяснил ее таинственное исчезновение

The photographs, which tori posted on social networks, fans can see a wooden cottage. Many asked whether Karasev leases the house or property is in its ownership.

“Victoria bought a house on their own, earned money. First, she purchased a plot, and then their own built two-storey cottage. To this friend lived in Moscow, and came only on weekends or holidays, sometimes with the Glory. Dvoretskov not involved in the acquisition of the land,” explained a friend of the Wiki.

Karasev continues to visit doctors and to eliminate the scars from several operations through which she had to undergo after the incident in a Moscow cafe. Recall that eight years ago, the shrapnel from shells mussels hurt the esophagus girl. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, she managed to regain our health and learn again there.

According to Oleg, Vika still has time money to help his family, mother and brother, so I worry about her well-being is not worth it. Relatives live in Moscow, and she regularly comes to visit them.