The hero of the video “Leningrad” Anton Filipenko: “We Khodchenkova was completely naked”

Герой клипа «Ленинграда» Антон Филипенко: «Мы с Ходченковой были абсолютно голые» A man appeared with a star in the video for the song “Ecstasy”. As admitted Anton, after the release of a popular video he woke up famous. The actor shared his emotions with “StarHit” and told how he worked with a striking blonde.
Герой клипа «Ленинграда» Антон Филипенко: «Мы с Ходченковой были абсолютно голые»

New video of the “Leningrad”, the song “Ecstasy” scored a record number of views on YouTube almost 8 million in five days! Starring Svetlana Khodchenkova and Anton Filipenko.

“The next day after the release of woke up famous, – has shared with “StarHit” Anton. – In his native Khabarovsk I am now a star. Even classmate Masha Golushko, which sat at the same Desk, wrote to me: “Wow, I didn’t know that you do it”.

To Shnurova by accident. My friend, cinematographer Anton Zhabin, showed a video with samples Director Anne Parmas. Six months later, called to the casting. In early April I arrived at a production company in St. Petersburg, where half the town gathered, but approved of me. When I learned that my partner will Khodchenkova, sat down in surprise.

It was four days of shooting, the first was the toughest. The sex scenes portrayed in the Petersburg hotel “Astoria” in the room “Royal Suite”. We were completely naked. At causal space pasted beige squares-plasters, but they constantly fall off. Svetlana, of course, a great professional, very educated and beautiful. Her hair, like a mermaid. Despite the constraint, we almost immediately were on the same wavelength. After a few hours boldly looked into the eyes of each other. In the breaks coffee, Light talked about the movie and the holiday in Bali, and I told her about Thailand.

“I fall into ecstasy, you’re just a space, Stas!”

Through participation in this project, I met interesting people: Sergei Shnurov, Anna Parmas. The light at the end of filming gave the flowers she flushed, Ana handed over the brandy. Another list in the phone book has been enriched with Alexandre Vassiliev from “the Fashionable sentence” to “First”, he also played in the clip. Gave a card that said will you help me to dress stylishly.

My girlfriend Galina Sumina was the first to congratulate with the release of the clip. She is an actress, so everyone understands and is not jealous. Galya is my main critic. Usually indicates mistake, but this time said that everything is perfect. Planning to use the moment of glory, configured to work a lot”.