Irina Saltykova has revealed the secret of eternal youth

Ирина Салтыкова раскрыла секрет вечной молодости The singer recently celebrated 50th anniversary. Fans of the stars say that Irina hasn’t changed with age: her face untouched by wrinkles, and the figure is striking in its elegance and smartness.

      Ирина Салтыкова раскрыла секрет вечной молодости

      Irina Saltykova recently celebrated its anniversary. She was 50 years old. However, fans of the star noted that she doesn’t look his age, her and her daughter can be mistaken for sesler. Singer, has gained popularity of thousands of fans in 90-e years, told how she manages to always look so young.

      Saldova considers herself lucky, as the slender figure she got from nature. “I have a genetic thinness. One of my favorite things in life is is. Sometimes I have to control myself. For example, I know I ate too much cake yesterday, and the next day trying not to look at. However, strict diets I never had” – said Irina.

      The singer admitted that he loves the sweet from him, she sometimes gaining a few extra pounds, but can easily get rid of them. Fitness Irina does often, because, according to her, she’s disorganized and can’t force myself daily to go to the gym.

      Saltykov admitted that he loves to dance than lift weights at the gym. According to the star, thanks to her optimism, she does not age. “Evil men and wrinkles are deposited other, as in the good. You need to always be in a good mood – then looks all right. Even if I’m sad, I try to quickly get yourself out of this state. I advise everyone to smile, even when you do not want. Turn on your favorite music, take care love,” he told the star.

      Many people wonder why such a beautiful and talented woman has not married a second time. Irina one time did not want to tie the knot with a man, as did the education of his daughter Alice, who also went in her mother’s footsteps and became a singer. “Because of the divorce, I had deep psychological trauma. My mother told me: live with my husband, whatever it was. Then I realized that it is wrong. Looking for a Prince that doesn’t exist. Of course, they were in my way men. Have someone to remember. But again – not the ideals… they are Now become smarter and wiser. I think right now I can see in person what you need”, – explained his decision Saltykov journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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