After divorce Anastasia Makeeva sells the cure for depression

После развода Анастасия Макеева продает лекарство от депрессии The actress has already recovered after the break with Gleb Matveychuk. Since July, she runs workshops for women, which will tell you how to overcome the sadness after a divorce.

      После развода Анастасия Макеева продает лекарство от депрессии

      Has not passed also month from the moment Anastasia Makeeva announced the breakup with the composer and singer Gleb Matveychuk as she has already offered to turn the incident to their favor.

      Since July, Anastasia runs a series of workshops for women. Makeeva long ago received an invitation to travel around the region with a stand-up program “How to succeed”, but she voiced to the organizers of a counter-idea: to sell “the cure” from depression, to tell you how to overcome the sadness after a divorce.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      “When I realized that my personal life collapsed, then fell into a stupor. It was hard, painful, sad, but have to decide to go further. Last week I finally submitted the application in the registry office for divorce. And exhaled. My mental state is gradually improving, and now female fans are constantly writing in social networks comments: “You look so beautiful!” and ask questions: “Where do you get the strength to be happy?” In General, at the request of workers, as they say, I developed a series of workshops and will share their own experiences” – says Anastasia.

      Program name 34-year-old actress came up with myself – “Open yourself a new one!”. After consulting with a friend-a psychologist, she realized that it was ready to discuss the problem faced, to talk about it openly without fear of becoming a supporter for people who are in the difficult situation of women.

      “For all the girls who come to my meeting, I’ll be right girlfriend. Listen, answer all questions, supportive when necessary – Pat on the head and you will regret it. The atmosphere will create a warm living room with a Cup of coffee, where girls will be able to share the most secret, feeling that next to them is the shoulder on which we can confidently rely. We will discuss what to do with myself: thoughts, time, how to become better. And tell about your experience of living with Gleb, as I was able to take the first steps out of the abyss of depression. Even recently I read that you need to shout into the void. And tried. During the journey on the Alpine ridge I went into the field and yelled – a few minutes in a loud voice. Negative emotions flew away!”, – says the artist.

      The first event will be held on July 23. It will last for about three hours. Tickets cost 2.5 thousand rubles, it will be possible in the near future to purchase both via the Internet and by phone on the website of the actress.

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