The price of victory: the stars about how their families survived the war

Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну Father Oleg Basilashvili had to hide from the Germans in the drain pipe, and father Edgard zapashnogo staged circus to rescue his younger brother. On the eve of the May 9 celebrity said “StarHit”, what price they paid their relatives for the victory in the great Patriotic war.

      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      Today all Russia celebrates the 71st anniversary of the great Victory. Veterans who defended their Homeland, accept congratulations and gratitude for the world in which they live and their children and grandchildren. The war touched every family, including ancestors of the Russian celebrities. Star remembered how their relatives suffered hardship and tried to survive during the great Patriotic war. Olga Drozdova, Dmitry Isaev, Irina Pegova, Edgard Zapashny, George drones and Irina Saltykova told how hard native was given the victory over fascism.


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “The Germans nearly killed my grandfather for cheating”

      “Before the war my grandfather on my mother’s side, Ivan was famous in Temryuk of Krasnodar Krai of a blacksmith, he and his grandmother owned a large farm, – says the actress. In the beginning of the war, the then 23-year-old, he went to the partisans. About it I don’t know much in those days, even after the end of fighting, it was impossible to reveal secrets. But grandma told me that grandpa, periodically navedyvalsya home, gave the squad the last cow left the farm. The guys decided to help, and scary it was in Temryuk to leave – there already wielded the Germans: and look, if the animal was taken. My grandfather took the cows to the forest, where they had headquarters, and there they survived thanks to a she – milked to the last, until it finally lost weight and it didn’t have to eat”.

      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “How was the story: the Germans asked the grandfather, who just happens to be home to Shoe their horses. Grandfather and shod: animal nails scored the most do not worry so that horses while crossing a couple of miles was lame and could not go further. In fairness it should be noted that the animals remained alive… Deceived the Germans realized what was happening, took the trouble to go back, to grab his grandfather and also his brother and took them with him to certain death. The Nazis forced them to take off their shoes and go barefoot in the snow several kilometers – grandpa then because of that all my life my legs hurt. But that day they were lucky – enemies met Russian soldiers fight ensued, and our recaptured my Ivan and his brother.

      My mother was born in 1945 and when she was no more than a month, my grandmother came home a hefty package. But in her Lacy baby blanket, undershirts, diapers, pacifiers, in General, all that is needed for the baby. On the box instead of the address of the sender was written: “grandfather From Stalin.” In the period when it was impossible to not get the fact that children’s things and some food, this package, of course, created a furore and was like news from another world. It is still unclear why the mother sent her, because none of the neighborhood children did not receive such… But grandma, of course, is not greedy – she left for mom just a few things, the rest is distributed just as needy friends. Maybe this package was a thank you from the leadership of the country for a good service of his grandfather: now, I can only guess.”


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “Dad called Frontovichka”

      “Both my grandfathers fought,” says the actress. – Mom dad, Alexander Dvoryankin, went to war quite young. Fate was merciful to him – he came to Berlin without a single wound. And the other grandfather, Zachary Pegov, in 1944, “caught” a bullet in the leg and after that it became lame. He was taken to a military hospital, where he lay for a few weeks. There once and went to his grandma Vera, but, as it turned out, very successfully – after 9 months of furlough, in the victorious 1945, came to light my dad. Because of this, his family called Frontovichka – because she was conceived near the scene of the fighting”.

      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “I’m sorry that I failed to consult their grandfathers about the war. Sasha’s grandfather passed away when I was young, stupid, and with a second grandfather we on this theme did not speak. But my grandmother in the village a dead end, where she’s lived all his life, the walls were hung with pictures of the war years: they are the grandfather of the young, handsome, in shape. His letters and the order the grandmother also still keeps in a special box.”


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “The enemy fled, shouting “mother”

      “In 1941 I was 6 years old. Father went through the war without a single wound. Fought in Stalingrad, was told that he had been a signalman in the headquarters of General Mikhail Shumilov, commander of the 64th army. Soldiers had a week to hide from the Germans in the pipe to drain the water, fortunately it was wide and about two meters in diameter. I was recently there, specifically went to see this place, it is 500 metres from the Volga river, behind a Tractor factory. He stood, paused, remembered my dad… He loved to tell war stories. Remember, ask: “And what did you shout from the trenches when the Germans fled? Probably, “For the Motherland, for Stalin?” And he said, “mom,” we shouted, son. And the Germans are the same, just in a different way – mutter”.

      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “My mom and grandmother in the war were evacuated to Tbilisi, his father’s homeland. There lived a little easier than in Moscow, where there was nothing at all. But in Georgia, the hunger never left me. Near our house stood olive trees, and we with the neighbor malchikami plucked the fruit, not allowing them to Mature. I remember once I found this on the ground in the dust the chocolate candy. Trembling for joy, hands lifted up and carried home. Mom cut with a razor top, dusty layers, was divided into three, and my grandmother started drinking tea – it was happiness. Nothing tastes better since we didn’t eat…”, – said Oleg Basilashvili.


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “Dad saved his younger brother”

      “When the war started, dad was 13 years old. To the front would, of course, he didn’t make it. But dad found a way to be useful! He already owned several acrobatic stunts, had an Arsenal of a few numbers. Amassed front-line team of artists and together with them went the soldiers ‘ camps, spoke to the soldiers. They are always met with great joy around the war, and there is entertainment.”


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “Sometimes thanked not only with applause, but and bread: they gave us each a small loaf. Being as all around, very hungry, dad did not eat this bread, and carefully carried home, where he waited for the mother and 3-year-old brother Mstislav. He was ill with tuberculosis in the family for him was very worried and, of course, gave the best piece to Doo. Thanks to the prayers of my mom, my grandmother and dad earned the bread Glory rose to his feet. He got stronger and after two years began with his father giving concerts for the soldiers,” – said General Director of the Bolshoi Moscow state circus Edgard Zapashny.


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “Grandfather narrowly escaped death”

      “The most vivid memory of my grandfather Yury about the war is connected with the battle of Stalingrad,” says the actor. – When there started a bloody battle, he was 19 years old, he was held in Siberia training on the pilot on the aircraft Po-2. Their commanders came the order of Stalin to remove all reserves and cadets, 20-year-old boys, to send to the front. They say that the turning point in the struggle there is no strength of your brothers at the end – need help. All the teachings at once stopped, started extra fees. My grandfather told me that the night before was the worst in his life. He knew that sending them into the cauldron of death”.

      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “It fought two emotions: the desire to protect the Homeland and the fear of death, because it was clear that the road to Stalingrad was a one way ticket. The guys didn’t sleep all night – someone was crying, someone prayed… And in the morning received a letter: “Our troops went on the offensive, aid is not required.” We can say that that moment was the second birthday of his grandfather, in the afternoon, when he escaped certain death”.


      Цена победы: звезды о том, как их семьи выжили в войну

      “Mom ate rotten potatoes”

      “My mother’s family lived in the village of Gorky region, – says the singer. – In 1941 the grandfather Mitya went to the front, and the grandmother with two daughters 5 and 8 years was very hard. They were starving: girl at night could not sleep from the sound of rumbling tummies from looking at it from their mom, my grandmother, heartbreaking. Then for the happiness it was to dig in the garden last year’s rotten potato and bake it on a fire. But there were days when I had to drink some of the water in the house was not a crumb. The most vivid memory in my family about that time – the Day of Victory. Grandpa came home from war with empty hands, and somehow got hold of sandwiches with sausage and cheese – incredibly delicious! On this festive occasion, set the table, and two sandwiches were carefully divided between the mother, sister and grandmother”.

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