Irina Ponarovskaya responded to rumors about the mysterious disappearance

Ирина Понаровская ответила на слухи о таинственном исчезновении The famous pop singer broke the silence and decided to appeal to the public. Irina Ponarovskaya, which for the last few years prefers not to give interviews and avoids the cameras, assured fans that she’s fine.

More than a week ago in the media appeared information that the 64-year-old singer Irina Ponarovskaya not get in touch with friends. Colleagues celebrities including Iya Ninidze, said that the singer has limited his social circle and does not appear on the events with the participation of colleagues in show business. Many wondered, what is the behavior of the stars – with the changes in your personal life or fatigue from secular society.

Friends of Irina Ponarovskaya sounded the alarm over her disappearance

The rumors that had been in a Network that reached most of Irina Ponarovskaya. Celebrity decided to clarify the situation. The actress got in touch with the fans with concert Director Lera Tobinai. The singer was quick to reassure the public and said that she was all right.

“Irina Ponarovskaya was asked to tell everyone hi and that she’s “not disappeared and nothing has happened,” shared Tuwina in one of social networks.

Earlier, journalists wrote that the famous singer allegedly emigrated to another country. However, the star has denied these speculations. Then Lera Tuwina said that Irina Ponarovskaya – international artist, who may be housing in Russia and abroad.

According to concert Director of the singer, she was no recluse, as you would think. During the conversation with reporters Tuwina reported that the singer often visits different exhibitions and devotes much time to his family. 32-year-old son of actress Anthony is engaged in the jewelry art, and his wife is an artist. The heir Ponarovskaya is a proud father of he and his wife are raising lovely Erica. According to AI Ninidze, Anthony’s family lives in Estonia, where the star often comes to rest.

Colleague Irina Ponarovskaya on show business, singer Aziza noted that she continues to engage in musical activities. The singer of hits “I don’t want”, “Ryabinovie busy” and “I’m Sorry” sometimes goes on stage to please the most loyal fans to private events. In addition, the star from time to time acting as a fashion designer. Aziz believes that she has good taste.

Recall that the last to date, album by a popular artist came out in 2008. The album is called “Sings Irina Ponarovskaya”. For several years now a celebrity releases new releases and prefer not to appear in live TV shows.