Власти Чечни выдвинули требования Лопыревой и Баскову перед свадьбой Celebrities are planning to arrange a celebration this autumn in Grozny. The Council of elders of the Republic told what they expect from the pair. According to one representative, the bride should choose an indoor outfit, and the groom – to hold back with the kisses.
Власти Чечни выдвинули требования Лопыревой и Баскову перед свадьбой

A few weeks ago it became known that Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva plan to get married this fall. The actor made an offer of top models at the reception in Grozny in the presence of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. As suggested by the artist’s fans, he must keep the promise.

Journalists asked the representatives of the authorities of Chechnya, as it can pass the event. One of the members of the Council of elders of the Republic said-Abdul Akhmadov believes that the pair should fly to Grozny for a few days early so they had to introduce some rules of the Islamic world.

“Many of the traditions are incomprehensible to Victoria. About the dress – it is desirable that it was closed. So the bride would give tribute to Chechen people and himself, Ramzan Kadyrov. Also, do not welcome excessive embrace of the couple. We do man and woman do not show feelings to each other in society. It’s a wedding and the groom does not happen, it shows in the eyes of the bride’s parents, but Nicholas did not have to follow this tradition. Neither the groom nor the bride at the wedding didn’t dance.” – said Akhmadov.

As it became known to correspondents, Basque and Lopyreva has not filed a statement in one of the local registry offices. A month before the appointed date, the couple should contact the local IFC. According to people involved in registered marriage, Nicholas and Victoria can sign out of turn, as in the Republic not many couples go to formalize the relationship.

Many wealthy married couples prefer to roll up a wedding celebration in the Palace “Safiya”, which amazes with the beauty of the interior. The administrator of this institution explained that during such events for 500 thousand rubles, you can close the entrance to outsiders.

“The young pay 4,000 rubles for every invited guest. This amount includes four hot dishes: salmon, shashlyk, plov or meat in its own juices for the client. Also the restaurant offers various cuts, eggs, pastries, honey and other treats that you can find at any festival,” shared head mezhidova with journalists, “Source”.

By the way, the Basque has not yet commented on the upcoming wedding with lopyrevoy, however, not deny that soon they will become husband and wife. At the festival, “Heat,” Nicholas confirmed that the fifth of October, he married. The Basques spoke about a career in music lopyrevoy