Ирина Лачина совершила марафонский забег в платье и на каблуках
The actress had a miracle on the red carpet of the closing ceremony of the festival.

Irina Lachin

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Irina Lachin with humor reacted to the situation that happened to her on the eve of the closing ceremony of the 39th Moscow International film Festival. To be on the red carpet, the actress had to overcome the obstacle, which would do credit to experienced employee
the Russian army.

“It turned out to get to the cinema “Russia” it is necessary to possess a well-developed coordination, good reaction and strong
nervous system! — says the actress. — When we, naive, decided to drive to the cinema, where the closing
by taxi (well, you know — dresses, hair styles),
— after 20 minutes it became clear how we were wrong! In General, the road from our
home without traffic jams takes about ten minutes, but we, of course, in advance. The route on the Navigator purples on the eyes, and
we have decided to run cross country, after all, in another center, where
now undergoing renovations! Defiantly lifted the skirt and earrings rattling as we ran. We warmed the idea that Navigator
showed 55 minutes road by car and the same route on foot — 30. Oh,
sports, you — life! —
this thought and we rushed towards the red carpet. We joyfully
greeted passers-by, workers and simply sympathizers, and under their approval
cheers, we continued the marathon. “What
heels! Fool! — I thought to myself. —
I had shoes to wear, like last year, and it would be super! With these
thoughts and developing a chiffon tail of her dress, rattling beads
Malinovo, I flew to the nearest metro station. After 10 minutes, trying to recover out of breath and still
gain the appropriate track view, came
on the surface… I felt in the dress, no! I was obliquely worn tape marathoner who could lose
not make it, but still won! Near us tried to come in
feeling and freshen up some more Actresses, judging from the appearance
have done this way.”