Ольга Ломоносова превратилась в кенгуру
The actress, who recently gave birth to her third child, she refused the stroller.

Olga Lomonosova shared with subscribers of his many years of experience of motherhood. The actress admitted that
not very fond of the stroller, but prefers slings or kangaroo. Olga believes that
this is the best invention mankind that is convenient and comfortable for moms
and for the baby.

“Output. Walk.
Stroller, you say? Well, no… And so, it was with all my children, says
actress. — I’m a Kangaroo with experience. And dad can hang, and on the other compassionate
people who want to help.”

Recall that the long-awaited son, Olga was born April 14, who was named Fyodor. On
the fact that the University gave birth to her third child, the first reported common-law husband
actress Pavel Safonov. He joked that insanely happy to get a free
Parking, because now he has the status of children. “Almost dawn, and I
I understand that it’s a new day in which the best girl in the world — Olga
University — have realized my dream about free Parking in life. We had
son! Thank you!” — Paul wrote in his microblog. Actress to the last
concealed his “interesting position”. That she will again become
mom, she said just three weeks before the birth, when to hide from others
rounded belly was almost impossible. But the son, Paul, and Olga
raising two daughters: Barbara is now nine years old, Alexander — five.