Irina had a hard life

У Ирины Салтыковой была непростая жизнь
Yesterday celebrated the birthday star of the 90s Irina Saltykova. She celebrated 51 years.

У Ирины Салтыковой была непростая жизнь

A couple of years ago, the singer tried to start their own businesses. She opened a Studio on repair and tailoring, but the business does not last a long time.

Privacy Saltykov is trying to keep a secret.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star studied her life code.

“Irina was born in “day of the awakened practicality”, says Kuzenbaeva. Her life code 325 224 says that she’d be a wonderful doctor. Donor for psycho and very charming, patient and fair girl, she is the person who gives others their energy. Despite the fact that is a skeptic, Irina has the gift to predict the future, sees things dreams and has the makings of a psychic.

Life Irina was not easy – its share has fallen a lot of tests: it wasn’t an easy period when she was at the peak of popularity, and then disappeared from the TV screens. Ira – a brave man, but I doubt. The last years of her life was a black stripe, but after the birth of her waiting period of fame and success. But in order to back to her former popularity, Saltykova need to be proactive”.

Numerologist believes that quite often Irina high requirements to the chosen one, so she has often to be disappointed.

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