Polina Gagarina explained why hid the pregnancy

Полина Гагарина объяснила, почему скрывала беременность The singer tried to avoid attention to his person. Polina Gagarina admitted that she and her family a few months wanted to live in peace and tranquility. According to singer, waiting for her daughter, she wanted to not go into the light and into the Park.

Famous singer Polina Gagarina little more than a week ago for the second time became a mother. The star gave to his wife, the photographer Dmitry ishakova daughter MIA. Polina Gagarina shared their first photos with newborn baby

Vocalist for all time of pregnancy never came out and didn’t give any interview about the upcoming replenishment in the family. However, in the media an interesting position of the singer were discussed with great interest, the most expectant mother managed to stay in the shade talking about myself. And only when the newborn baby was born, Polina Gagarina felt that the time had come to speak to her. First she posted a photo with a young daughter, and then explained why hide the fact that is preparing to become a mother.

“I wanted to spend a few important to me months in peace and quiet, because I and my husband, and my family, believe it is a very personal matter, which is not worth the extra time to advertise. Almost any out “in the light” is pictures and discussions, so we went out mostly in the Park.

…And one more thing – I never denied his position, and just tried not to comment and did not respond to a variety of news that was circulated about me are nice and not very nice people. Because I know that my every word is a reason to get ten in response. And there’s no end, no end” – voiced his position Polina Gagarina.

As the reasons for not publishing their pictures with a growing belly, the singer called the experience of a previous pregnancy. Then she willingly showed plump figure, which was used by the attackers, who then used the pictures Gagarina in advertising for weight loss supplements.

By the way, the young mother admitted that waiting for the birth of her daughter, she too was overweight. Polina Gagarina came into the fight with the hated kilograms, to a week to Shine on stage.

“I have not weighed since January! Why? I was afraid of. Was afraid that I would see the same figure as in my first pregnancy, and it was significant. Therefore, a photo with flat belly and perfect shape a week after giving birth can not boast. But I can say that sitting on a strict diet and start doing exercises slowly and the effect is very even. That is not far off, but rather next week”, – shared his plans for Polina Gagarina.