Wife of Vladimir Epifantsev requires monthly payments for life

Супруга Владимира Епифанцева требует ежемесячных выплат на жизнь
For several months the husband Vladimir yepifantsev and his wife Anastasiya Vedenskaya trying to understand each other.

Супруга Владимира Епифанцева требует ежемесячных выплат на жизнь

Some time ago she accused her husband of infidelity.

Now she’s filing for divorce.

Vedenskaya trying to get from a spouse the monthly payments for the children.

“He understands that with two children we are not divorced automatically. Need a lawyer he needs to pay. Why should I spend the money I earn? But when I realized that divorce Vladimir does not want, said that she find a lawyer. He replied: “I sign the contracts nothing will.” But I’m not ready to divorce just like that. And it’s not about the money. I love the specifics and want to know exactly what such and such a date such and such a month will receive a certain amount that will be able to plan,” says the artist.

Anastasia reports that in recent years not recognize her husband, although their family was idyllic.

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