Ирина Дубцова затеяла шикарный ремонт для сына The singer intends to transform a room of the heir, adding to her second level. Star is looking for competent professionals to realize the dream of a beloved child. Apparently, the 10-year-old Artem already has ideas about how should look the perfect room for a boy.

      Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that the star parents seek to give their children the best of everything. Often it concerns not only global issues like education and the development of certain talents and the household. Irina Dubtsova, raising a 10-year-old son Artem, today announced its intention to transform his room. Mother and son know exactly what he would like to see this space, and therefore immediately told about the main wishes. From a specialist, which they are trying to find, require only the ability to think through all the details and to implement the project as Artem Chernitsyn (boy is the name of his father of the Novel – Approx. “StarHit”) conceived in his imagination.

      Irina Dubtsova threw him “trendy” holidays in France

      “We’re looking for a magician, an architect-designer, for the realization of dreams of the teenager – a two-level room. Space allows! It requires only imagination and creativity,” he left the announcement star in his microblog.

      Apparently, the heir of celebrities will divide the space into zones for entertaining, sleeping, studying and other important aspects of his life. Popular singer endorsed the idea of a child and therefore are ready soon to begin repairs. If you focus on the picture as illustration to my ad used Dubtsova, room Artem is truly chic. Fans of the actress could not fail to note that its offspring taste great, probably handed to him from his mother. Needless to say, how quickly perked up subscribers microblog star, after seeing this post. In the comments to him for a few minutes there were several dozen proposals.

      “Irina, I can complete the project for you for free!” “It seems to me that you need me. I will do exactly what you need”, “Irina, view my page, I’d be happy to help you” – he left the response from interested designers.

      It is worth noting that the son of Irina Dubtsova grows very active and creative child. The boy has lots of Hobbies, friends, and fans. Despite the relatively young age, Artem Chernitsyn already conducts the page in Instagram, where he has friends and even fans. Publication of the boy gather hundreds of likes and some of his peers recognized that he wanted to be like him.

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