Муж Анастасии Стоцкой увез семью в Испанию The singer, along with his son Sasha and her husband Sergei walks in Barcelona. Initially, the star was about to fly to Thailand, however, signs of fate stopped her from going to the Asian country. Husband Anastasia Stotskaya decided that the family would be better off to spend the holidays in Europe.

      Anastasia Stotskaya, her husband Sergei and son Alexander went on holiday to Spain. Initially, the family planned a trip to Thailand, but the plane tickets over. According to Anastasia, this may be the failure of the flight was a sign of fate, as the Asian country is not the most tranquil environment to spend a vacation with the child.

      On the eve Stotsky told the fans that came to Barcelona, uploading a picture from the local airport. Star shares in his microblog pictures with husband and son on the background of spectacular views of the Catalan capital. On the first day of Anastasia, Sergei and Sasha went for a walk around the city. The singer chose a short pair of shorts and comfortable shoes, leaving luxury designer dresses for evening wear. Stotsky took a picture of her husband sitting on the shoulders of the son, when the family was considered the architectural features of Sagrada Familia, designed by the great Antoni gaudí.

      From the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, the parents of Sasha moved to the Raval district, walking along the famous Catalan Rambla. Judging by the pictures in the microblog Stotsky, they are very lucky with the weather. Anastasia was photographed at a popular tourist attraction fountain, located at the Royal square.

      Recently Stotsky increasingly shows followers your Instagram photos with husband and son. Earlier fans rebuked the star that she is hiding the wife of Sergei. Anastasia Stotskaya dispelled the myths surrounding her husband

      On the fifth anniversary of her son Sasha fans saw a happy family in full force. Parents made a great feast the heir, by contacting the event Agency. The talented organizers decorated the restaurant where the celebration took place, with bright bulbs. At the end of the night Sasha gave a small cake, decorated with sparkling candles-fountains.

      Stotsky is very close with his son. She never punishes, and explains to the boy what he was wrong. “You should be able to talk with the child. If you don’t like his behavior, explain that you can’t do that, the mom is frustrating and it is frustrating. The child should be respected and preserved from danger, not to become its source,” said the singer in an interview.

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