Участницу «Дома-2» обвинили в продажности One of the new girls who came to the project to conquer Ivan Bursikova, a few days later was sent home. It turned out that the name and number of new aspirants to the role of the chosen men were posted on websites offering sexual services.

      At the site of the teleproject “the House-2” there was another scandal. His party was 19-year-old Alice Musa, who visited the project recently to compete for the heart of Ivan Bursikova. The man is currently free, and many girls would like to claim to be his life partner.

      Alice came from Krasnodar and was instantly interested in men “House-2”. The appearance of a girl with lush Breasts on the project caused a lot of conversation among the inhabitants of telestroke. Ivan also drew attention to a striking brunette. On Calvary Alice said that studying to be a lawyer, but feels that her real recognition of journalism.

      According to participants of the project, Ivan Barzakov checked in with Alice to the cabin. But it so happened that the man broke the rules of the reality show, so hit the insulator. New member went with him. In this place, according to girls of the “House-2”, John and Alice entered into an intimate relationship. The organizers of the show, these rumors are very alarmed, so they decided to check who actually is a girl.

      Questionnaire and phone of Musa surfaced on one of the sites that shows details of the girls who provide services of an intimate nature. Alice herself has completely denied this information. “You, like sheep, were led to the tabloids and you should be ashamed, not me!” – so responded the member of the cast on charges of prostitution, placing the post on his page in the social network.

      As a result, the organizers decided that the girl should be thrown out of the reality show “Dom-2” as it defames the reputation of the project. In social media sparked hot discussion of this situation. Alice Musa, claims he left the clearing solely for personal reasons.

      We will remind that Ivan Barsukov tried to build a relationship with Marina Afrikantov, however, he soon realized that they with a girl not destined to be together. The man reported about the breakup with the blonde in his microblog. The girl was able to restrain emotions and showed that upset. Instead of being sad, the Marina staged a noisy party.

      By the way, after some time Afrikantov again restored relationship with Andrew Chuyev, with whom they were separated for a while. However, many felt that she should not have reopened this man. Fans of Marina Afrikantov condemned her for the return to Chuev

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