Ирина Дубцова высказалась о романе с телеведущим Journalists noticed the singer in the company of Eugene Savin. Irina Dubtsova hastened to clarify the situation. Not so long ago the actress admitted she’s in love, but tries to hide the man from the scrutiny of the public.

Today journalists tried to declassify the elect Irina Dubtsova. A number of publications have suggested that the beloved actress has become a 33-year-old sports commentator Yevgeny Savin. Couple was noticed together at one of the secular parties. Some eyewitnesses said that the young people left the event together.

“StarHit” contacted Irina Dubtsova, to shed light on your mysterious romance with a former football player. The actress said that she is often credited relationship with young people who find themselves in her company.

“I’ve been used to that any man who approaches me at arm’s length, then consider my potential lover. It’s funny,” said Irina “StarHit”.

In early may, the winner of the fourth season of “American idol” has admitted that her heart is taken. However, the actress did not want to name his partner and tried to talk about it as little as possible. Moreover, she admitted that her relationship is not so smooth. Irina also told about the qualities that should be possessed by a man to win her heart. She noted that in the first place, value in the chosen identity is important to her, so he became a friend.

Irina has a 11-year-old son Artyom, born in the marriage with the soloist of group Plazma Roman Chernitsyn. After the divorce, the couple managed to keep a friendly relationship for the sake of their child.

The actress admitted that does not neglect even the Dating sites in order to meet the right person. In one interview she said she created an account on the Network, hoping to meet his fate. “I have a profile on one Dating site. At first I was skeptical: it seemed to me that there are men who are looking for adventures for one night. But no, there are intelligent, educated and well-mannered young man, who also do not have time to go to parties. To date I still did not go, but with some communicate for a long time,” said Irina.