Street musicians of the Arbat: “For 25 years we have seen a lot”

Уличные музыканты Арбата: «За 25 лет мы повидали многое» The story of little Oscar was forced to talk about serious issues. The detention of 10-year-old boy who was reading a classic work in the city center, has provoked heated discussions in social networks. Many artists who perform in public places, spoke in defense of the child.
Уличные музыканты Арбата: «За 25 лет мы повидали многое»

Story 10-Oscar Latigo Skowronski who was reading aloud “hamlet” in the heart of Moscow on Friday and allegedly engaged in begging, excited the public. Many people criticize the actions of law enforcement officers, while others, conversely, believe that the child provoked the arrest. Yesterday on “Let them talk” going all directions, the fierce conflict, to share his views on the situation.

Family “street Prince” was justified at the begging of the son in the center of Moscow

Meanwhile, street musicians are on the side Skavronski. Many of them believe that the news about it which was widely publicized in the media, helped to draw attention to their problems.

“In the 25 years that I have been working on the Arbat, I’ve seen everything: we were beaten, and kept in the “monkey” for a few hours, burned with cigarette butts – in General, did terrible,” he told reporters member of the Community of street musicians Oleg Mokryakov.
Уличные музыканты Арбата: «За 25 лет мы повидали многое»

According to men, the recent artists who perform in public places began to be fined for violation of trade rules. As a result, they have to pay the amount of 2,5 thousand rubles. Mokryakov also said that during the years of his activities he met with the apparent extortionists who are not afraid of anything. “They long ago lost the shores for the reason that on the Arbat there are only tourists and there is a business that is two groups that can’t complain,” said the musician.

Trying to maintain an artistic community, a member of the Council on human rights under the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Babushkin proposed to require law enforcement officers to receive special training before working with artists and culture.

“But if creatively-minded man performs creative activities on the Arbat, the police need to treat this with understanding. Moreover, probably, the staff of the Arbat police, taking into account the specifics, should receive specific training to understand what is the freedom of creativity, and what value it has. Soon I will visit, will help in establishing the work,” he said.
Уличные музыканты Арбата: «За 25 лет мы повидали многое»

Granny’s initiative found support among street musicians. However, not all of them believe that it really will help their community to settle relations with law enforcement officers. “Even now, after hearing you I understand that it will be interpreted and construed as to anyone, including the cops. Because everyone sees what he wants to see. It will be all upside down, warped and differently furnished, as we always classically happens,” explained Arseniy Fry, who often performs on the street.

Уличные музыканты Арбата: «За 25 лет мы повидали многое»

In the opinion of men, if training courses for police officers be introduced, its passage could take years. “You will need to enter a specific Department in the interior Ministry, to read lectures and conduct several trainings on how it should work. Should be systematic work,” says Fry. He therefore proposed to judge the law enforcement officials for misconduct in relation to street musicians. “For moral damage, damage to property, tools – that I agree with that,” concluded Arseniy.

In turn, the famous street singer Julia Dyakova noted that many of her colleagues were actively discussing the incident with Oscar Skavronski. The artist believes that in this situation, you need to understand in detail. She also noted that like the child who was at the center of the scandal.

“You can’t blame the parents that the child went outside to sing or recite poetry. The situations are different. In each situation it must be very thin to understand. Oscar sorry. Who knows, forced him to read poetry on the Arbat, he decided to help his parents or was it the creative impulse? You’ve got to understand, but to understand without judgment and angry comments on the Internet. Maybe the family just needs to help financially. And parents must understand that playing in the street unsafe,” said the singer.

Diacov also spoke in defense of colleagues who were sometimes accused of desire to earn “easy” money. “Many people simply cannot find work, especially blind. I would advise those who say such offensive things about the artists to try themselves to work and snow, and heat, and torrential rain, when it is the only source of livelihood,” said Julia. The blind singer, which returned the dog, he bought her gifts

In preparing the article used materials of “Interfax”, “Interlocutor” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.