Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota are expecting a baby

Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота ждут ребенка Musicians will soon become parents. Fans artists have long asked them when they will have children. Vlad and Rita admitted that happy event will happen at the end of this year. Friends and acquaintances congratulate the spouses with the upcoming addition to the family.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky will soon become parents. The pair played a wedding in June 2015, hesitated for a growing family. The musicians had an active lifestyle has been recording new songs, shooting music videos, traveling the world. Recently Rita has pleased fans with the announcement about the new video for the song “half a person”. For a spectacular video, the singer and her husband flew to the United States, where the shooting took place.

Until recently, Rita Dakota preferred to hide changes to the figure and not to talk about the planned addition to the family. The pair tried not to draw attention to themselves from the public. Recently, however, Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky decided to prelevati silence and frankly told about a happy event in your life.

“In our first Bali I made an offer the second Bali we were already husband and wife, in the third — made a baby, and next year, we already with a sling will…” – Vlad Sokolovsky told reporters.

According to Rita, she wanted to become a mother for the first time, but the singer does not like the phrase “planned child”. When two people are married for several years, explains the star, “it is strange to assume that the child is unexpected is the normal development of any healthy relationship couples”.

Fans have already started to congratulate the expectant parents. Rita and Vlad often tell the fans, how is their family life. Celebrities do not hide that they love each other and miss when they have to bring.

“You just stay away from the man whom I chose and who chose you, too. Chose not to out of boredom and not because everyone needs a pair and carefully, with an open heart and confidence, awareness. Pulled. Called. Chose you because you are unique; so no one else feels, no one thinks, no one “drifted”. Because his soul is the house of your soul. Then big things are involved, invisible, not visible to the eye of the layman. Tandem of two souls on the energetic and spiritual level far above any passport stamps. So in this life I can be or Vlad, or one”, – these words dedicated to Dakota husband, laying one of the joint photo.

Recall that the pair met on the project “Factory of stars” in 2007. First, Rita and Vlad acted like friends, but after a few years their relationship developed into a sincere and strong love. In 2015, the young man made a proposal of marriage to his lady during a holiday in Bali. Dakota and Sokolov were married in the Church and staged a lavish wedding celebration, which invited all the friends.

Earlier in the Network there were rumors about a possible pregnancy of the former participants of the popular project. However, neither Rita Dakota or Vlad Sokolovsky has not commented on the information that was discussed on the Internet.

In a recent interview with reporters, the pair also admitted that they have a special chat in which the stars discuss the events of your life together with your loved ones. Rita’s family lives in Minsk, and Vlad in Moscow. Thanks to modern technology they can all stay in touch. “We are there, and praise, and can send too, if for nothing. It seems to me that if this chat has anyone read what our parents for certain passages could be deprived of parental rights,” Dakota told the magazine OK!.