Irina Dubcova complained about problems in relationships with loved ones

Ирина Дубцова пожаловалась на проблемы в отношениях с любимым The singer lifted the veil of secrecy over his personal life. During an interview with journalists Irina Dubtsova revealed that her heart is occupied. However, celebrity decided not to share the details and hinted that this man she is not going smoothly.

Singer Irina Dubtsova – enviable bride, which is regularly credited with new novels. The singer reluctantly tells about his personal life, apparently believing that happiness loves silence. Last year celebrity has intrigued fans as the engagement ring, and later “StarHit” became aware of the fact that the artist meets a talented dancer in the portfolio is possible to find cooperation with the group “Propaganda”, Sergei Zverev and Polina Gagarina. Itself Irina preferred not to comment on a new hobby and possible a marriage ceremony.

Irina Dubtsova hides an affair with the dancer of his ballet

Dubtsova recently gave an interview in which he told of the perfect companion, and if she’s going to walk down the aisle. The actress has denied the speculations about the wedding and said that the second half should be around to support it. According to Irina, at the moment her heart was taken, but she is experiencing some difficulties in the relationship with that person. Details of the singer decided not to share.

“Yes, I often sing about love, but married until the second time not going, I’m not 90 years old, still have time! I realized that my man should be my friend – that is the key to a strong relationship. Not passion, not great sex, not money. Friend. Now I love one man, but at the moment the status is: it’s complicated,” – said a celebrity.

We also add that in February of this year, the singer released a track by Leonid Rudenko, who received the name “Moscow-Neva”. Heartfelt video for the song has garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube. Irina Dubtsova has admitted that he is very proud of the furor of the song that is relished a lot of fans of her work. “We need to talk so happy, like little kids, because when your project reaches a success, this is happiness,” – said the singer. And in the summer, will premiere a new work celebrities. Dubtsova says it will be similar in style to the “Luba-Love”. “Such a chick” – commented Irina in an interview with Peopletalk.

Recall that Irina Dubtsova was married to a member of the band Plazma Roman Chernitsyn. Wedding couples took place during the show “star Factory”, where the singer took part and won. The artists have a son Artem, who was born in March 2006. Despite the fact that Irina and Roman broke up, they continue to communicate and raise a child. Irina Dubtsova celebrated with the ex-spouse