«Меня положили на лопатки» – Брэд Питт впервые о разводе и борьбе с Анджелиной Джоли The actor candidly spoke about the breakup of his family. In recognition of brad pitt, he abused alcohol, therefore could not control myself. Parting with Angelina Jolie has become extremely difficult challenge for the artist.
«Меня положили на лопатки» – Брэд Питт впервые о разводе и борьбе с Анджелиной Джоли

After the scandalous breakup with Angelina Jolie brad pitt was at the center of public attention. Many fans of the actor have noticed drastic changes in his appearance. The man lost weight and, according to insiders, was fond of creating sculptures. Changes in lifestyle Pitta is associated with a painful divorce that was covered by the world media. Brad recently gave a Frank interview to journalists, which for the first time spoke about the current situation.

Jolie first spoke out about the controversial divorce with pitt

Speaking about the breakup with fatal beauty, pitt only once mentioned her name. “You must see the new film Angie” – with these words brad spoke to reporters, referring to the painting “First they killed my father.” Instead of discussing the behavior of ex-spouses pitt chose to focus on the story of beloved children, and also about the public fight for them with his ex-wife.

“I was down, I was trapped, when it came to guardianship and the police. But after that we engaged in joint problem solving. Each of us did everything we could. I heard one lawyer said the phrase “no One wins in court – there is only the question of who will be worse”. There seems to be true. You spend the whole year in litigation trying to prove his point, to show why you’re right and the other side is not. Thus, you only make investments in the common Fund of hatred”, – said the actor.

According to brad, he did not want to part with Angelina enemies. The actor does not like to experience negative emotions in relation to his ex-wife. A similar approach to the once a friend, said the actor, acts destructively. “I have to see it with friends. See that one side no longer wants to communicate with another… I don’t want to live,” says the man.

The Hollywood star confessed that he was afraid of the reaction their friends the heirs to the various rumors that appear regularly in the tabloids. The breakup Angelina and brad, of course, affected them not in the best way. Pitt also revealed what could be a better parent.

“Children are very sensitive, they absorb everything that happens. They need support, they need someone to explain to them various things they need to be heard. But unfortunately, when I was in work mode, I have not heard them,” said the man.

In a Frank conversation with journalists brad also said that at first wanted to repair the relationship with Angelina. However, eventually I realized that it is better to give the second half freedom if she wants. “We need to love without ownership rights,” added the man.

In addition, brad pitt told GQ reporter that is trying to improve. The actor strongly tied up with alcohol and became a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. More recently, the Hollywood star tried to stifle their feelings of strong alcohol.

“When I started a family, I left all bad habits in the past. Other than drinking. Last year I sometimes could not help myself. And it has become a real problem. I am very glad that it’s been half a year since I held my hands,” said the artist.