Olga Romanovskaya shared the secrets of a happy married life

Ольга Романовская поделилась секретами  счастливой супружеской жизни
Singer and TV presenter talks about marriage, which is already 10 years old.

Olga Romanovskaya with her husband Andrew

Photo: Instagram.com

The former participant of group “VIA Gra” Olga
Romanovskaya 10 years happy with her husband Andrew. The family grows two
wonderful children. Colleagues stars I think this family is perfect: the impression is created after the view shared pictures of Olga and Andrey.

However, Romanov said, having told that a pair had problems, but she and her husband at the time they decided. “A lot in our married life, there were obstacles, through which not
after jumping, we fall. Perhaps we spend so much time together and happy because
in such a situation, one (one) did not throw(a) second(uyu) to lie down, and stretched
hand each other off and on again ran together, shoulder to shoulder. Learn to listen
learn to trust and open up. Problems are not solved, if you play the quiet game.
Not to save a relationship if you let them outside. Love you!” — shared

By the way, as admitted herself Romanovskaya, spouse Andrey Romanovsky much her jealous. Olga told me that he constantly worries about her
candid photos, regularly appearing in the microblog. However, the spouse of singer and TV presenter
more concerned with the ethical side of this issue, and the practical: who
pictures of his wife in the hotel half-naked?

suspiciously asked me how I, being, in theory, one
in the room, manage yourself to photograph from this angle… And every
times the same question! Go ahead and answer myself! More than 50 years
people fly into space. 34 the operations are for a sex change. 20
years cloned living organisms… And here I am, a genius in 2016
year able to set the camera function in Android for timer!” —
justified Romanov.