Irina Bezrukova regret that once again changed the name

Ирина Безрукова жалеет, что снова поменяла фамилию
The actress continues to meet with her ex-husband.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @irina_bezrukova_official Instagram

After many years, Irina Bezrukova said, she regrets that 17 years ago, took the name of his, at that time, her husband, Sergei. With the birth of the actress was Buhturi later, after the first wedding, became Ivanovoy. It was at this period of her life came her most vivid and memorable role in the movie.

But, having married a second time, Irina, became Bezrukovoj and… lost myself. The artist believes that, taking the name of Sergei, she made a mistake. “Actress in the first place — a woman. I understood that my man will be pleased that I take his name. Now I realize that should not be changed. When I took the name, the man had disappeared, which was known to the public. I had 25 roles, “Oscar”. I had to start from scratch, I’m all confused!” — said Irina in the program “Once”.

Irina also spoke about how after her divorce formed her relationship with her ex-husband, Sergei. They continue to work together in the same theater, but overlap, even at work, rarely. However, these meetings are the actress is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. “I can’t say that it’s just… for me, at least. But I can handle it…” — said Bezrukov.