Angelina Jolie was convicted of “indecent exposure” in the children’s Park

Анджелину Джоли осудили за «неприличный вид» в детском парке
Actress “forgot” to wear to Disneyland underwear.

Angelina Jolie and Shiloh


Angelina Jolie, who was going to make his daughter Shiloh fairy birthday
the result was condemned by their fans. The fact that, according to the DailyMail, to visit with children
Disneyland, the actress was dressed in a tight t-shirt, worn on the naked body. And
although, in fact, the actress just showed shone through
clothes mammary implants removed from it as a result of a mastectomy, looked
they are very believable. In the end, Jolie, according to many, looked done
inappropriate for a children’s Park…

the way this trip was planned as a surprise birthday party for senior
biological daughter of Angelina, Shiloh, who was 11 years old. To please the girl, Jolie’s not lazy
to invite to America several kids Shiloh managed to make friends during the trip actress in
Cambodia, and to bring them together with their “children” to Disneyland. It seems,however,
it didn’t go quite as expected. When angelina’s parents tried
quietly, take your children aside and this, apparently, noticed Shiloh. The result
the mood of the birthday girl, judging by the pictures taken by reporters, clearly

Besides, the appearance of Angelina in the Park with a new
children, has caused a new wave of rumors that Jolie, who, as reported
earlier, going in the future to fill up his numerous
the family, already supposedly adopted one or two young Cambodians…