Виктория Боня готовится стать мамой во второй раз
The model shared details of his personal life.

Victoria Bonya with her daughter Angelina

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia not going to stop at one kid. The Russian model is planned in the foreseeable future again to become a mother, and the baby will appear in her family with the adoption. It turned out that Bonia has long been a dream to take the child from the orphanage, but did not because of the protests of the former civil husband Alex Smurfit.

Victoria says that children are one of the reasons she broke up with the son of a millionaire. Alex, she said, was focused on a career while she dreamed about the new addition to the family. Disagreements on this ground and became the first “alarm bell” for Bonnie. Because it since childhood I planned to be a mother of several children.

Not so long ago in the Network appeared information about the fact that Victoria has appeared in the Los Angeles influential suitor. He was gifted Boni immense bouquets of flowers, which she boasted in social networks.

Now, however, the press can meet the assumption that Victoria rejected the advances of a new suitor. These rumors were related correspondence to Victoria with American rapper 50 Cent — Curtis Jackson. Bonia met him through a social network. Musician first showed interest in the Russian model, leaving a comment on her microblog. Bonia also recently suggested that he will meet in person in France, where he recently arrived.