Ирина Апексимова сломала ногу The actress was injured. On filming “Three chords” when Irina Apeksimova was rehearsing a dance number for the song “Oh, my chaise, an American,” she hurt her leg. Despite the pain, the star will continue to participate in the project.
Ирина Апексимова сломала ногу

Sometimes stars waiting for trouble on the shooting gear. Irina Apeksimova will appear in the third season of the “Three chords”, which airs on the First channel. The premiere will take place on Friday at 21:30. The show covers all the variety of genres in Russian music. The issues of the program devoted to urban romance, author’s song, kinoshlyagera, creativity of the Russian emigration of the twentieth century. Each issue is a small concert with participation of Russian stars. They try on different roles to please the audience. While working on the dance number that made the song “Oh, my chaise, the American” Irina Apeksimova injured leg.

“We were dancing, rehearsing. When he jumped, heard something snap in my leg. Pierced a sharp pain. After having worked for two more rehearsals and came up with another room. Only after that I went to the emergency room, where he said that it was a fracture. So unsuccessfully jumped,” – said Apeksimova.
Ирина Апексимова сломала ногу

However, despite the injury, Irina refused from further participation in the project. “We have such a profession”, – explained the artist.

The host of the show is Maxim Averin, he wished the actress a speedy recovery. Judge Alexander Novikov also supported Irina. “The leg mind!” – said a jury member. By the way, in this season in the chairs of judges will be other famous people: Alexander Rosenbaum will continue to evaluate the artistry of the participants, and in the first issue to be joined by the poetess Lydia Kozlova and singer Sergei Trofimov.

In addition to the Figure for the victory in the new season will compete, Eva Polna, Alena Sviridova, Mariam Merabova, Anastasia Makeeva, Alexander Sowa, Dmitry Pevtsov, Igor Saruhanov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Jaroslav Sumishevskiy.

Irina is also the actress “Theatre on Taganka”. Some time she even held the position of Director. The Figure is growing daughter Daria, who was born in her marriage with the scandalously famous actor Valery Nikolaev. 24-year-old girl went in her mother’s footsteps in 2015 graduated from the acting faculty. However, after Dasha graduated from School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, she was in no hurry to offer work, so the famous mom tried to find a place where a former student showed their talent. In the end, she took the main role in the musical “Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street”. Daughter Apeksimova and Nikolayev suffered heavy criticism because of their parents