Russian model died after a stormy night in the US

Русская модель скончалась после бурной ночи в США 18-year-old Olga Langel found dead in the apartment of the doctor. According to investigators, the girl went from the bar to continue the evening at the home of 41-year-old man. He had different types of prohibited psychotropic medicines, after taking which she did not survive.
Русская модель скончалась после бурной ночи в США

18-year-old Olga Langel was born in the Astrakhan region, but then moved to Florida. Thanks to publications in social networks her life seemed carefree – young beautiful girl was constantly posing in bikinis on yachts, having fun at parties and was always surrounded by friends. However, in March, her life suddenly broke. According to foreign publications, at the bar, Olga met 41-year-old physician Newsom Pericom. After that, they decided to go to his house. However, in the apartment at the physician turned out to be drugs of different types.

The man admitted that the girl had drunk several alcoholic drinks, then decided to try some psychotropic drugs, and then have to give carnal pleasures with new friends. The doctor told me that after that she immediately fell asleep in his bed, and he went into the living room, where settled on a sofa. The man remembered that in three hours the night he heard her snoring. Waking up at nine in the morning and saw her dead, and therefore immediately called the rescue service. The police found some bags with drugs and naked girl in the bed.

Русская модель скончалась после бурной ночи в США

However, family and friends can’t believe what happened with Olga. They question the fact that she died at home 41-year-old doctor. According to them, if they were in the apartment, the man was obliged to make sure the girl was all right. Now friends are trying to help the investigation, and therefore issued a call in the Network to find those who were in the same bar with the model on that fateful night. Friends made a post on her Facebook page. They do not believe that Langil voluntarily left the apartment to a new friend, and see in this story the criminal component.

“Those who have any messages, which they exchanged with Olga in the day before or a few days before this, please inform. The so-called “consensual sex” was not consensual. Those who have messages from her asking for help, please send them along with any other information. Respond and those who were still at the party. Thank you,” the information appeared in the Network.
Русская модель скончалась после бурной ночи в США

Olga was not only a model. She moved to Florida, in Fort Lauderdale, and settled there to work as an assistant on the boat. As said a friend of the family Leslie Mekson NBC 6, Langill rejoiced at this chance and perceive it as a new exciting adventure.