Irina Agibalova responded to the attacks of enemies

Ирина Агибалова ответила на нападки недоброжелателей A woman condemned for her culinary experiments. Ex-member of popular telestroke Irina Agibalova forced to repel the ill-wishers. Users of the social network was supported by a celebrity.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova actively allocates gastronomy posts in the microblog. She shares with subscribers its own cooking recipes and tells the kitchen life hacks. Recently, the celebrity has posted a video which depicted the process of making soup from sorrel. The woman decided to share with followers in a pleasant atmosphere of cooking dinner.

However, not all users of the “Instagram” video hit the spot. Some members Irina Alexandrovna reacted negatively to the appearance of the dish, claiming that it was unappetizing. In addition, on another website there is a rough article, which also made unflattering comments about cooking Agibalova. Probably unconstructive criticism touched a woman, so she decided to fight back detractors. Celebrity concisely explained that won’t leave dear to the heart of the matter.

“Continue heading recipes, despite the machinations of the envied. Normal wonderful women of hundreds of thousands of times more, and I know how you adore and love to cook! After all, sharing recipes has always been! Since my childhood I recorded them in a notebook and then for a very long time it was used! So sorry that during moving it got lost. The only thing I can do is to remember some of the records from there until my visiting mother. So, in the near future to share with you!” – wrote star in the microblog.

Loyal fans of Irina supported her and complained about the evil of the haters. Fans of the ex-participants of the project are convinced that their favorite has a real talent in the kitchen and she in no case can not leave the field. They spoke about unfriendly comments, wishing the woman the further development and zeal.

“You’re done! Don’t listen to anybody! Follow your dream!”, “And here I always cook your recipes! Don’t even remember when I last time something was burning or had escaped! And most importantly, my husband loved it! Complimenting me constantly!”, “You are clever, my dear! Keep it up!”, “Oh, how foolish idea is this? They’re just your soup I’ve ever had.” – I wrote to the followers of a celebrity.

In addition, fans of the women asked her not to take everything to heart and not be nervous on trifles, as it can have a negative impact on the health of the stars. Recall now that Irina is struggling with a tumor in the brain. She is undergoing treatment, aimed at reducing the size of tumors. She Agibalova sure that the disease progresses because of the systematic lack of sleep and anxiety. Irina Agibalova complained of tumor growth