Star of the TV series “Chernobyl” will give up their careers for the sake of art

Звезда сериала «Чернобыль» бросит карьеру ради искусства Konstantin Davydov refused to continue to act in films. Despite the fact that he is happy with the money he receives for the work, it is interesting to study music. That is why the young man does not accept the new proposals.
Звезда сериала «Чернобыль» бросит карьеру ради искусства

Fans of the mystical series “Chernobyl” saddened. Actor Konstantin Davydov, who played a major role in the film, told the festival EPIC CON that he plans to say goodbye to acting career.

About a week ago at the international Festival of cinema and computer games, Epic Con in Saint-Petersburg on the stand, film company, TV-3, the presentation of the new season of the popular mystical series “Chernobyl-2. Exclusion zone”, which held the starring Konstantin Davydov (Pasha) and Christina Kazinskoe (Anya). The role of the Pasha announced that he no longer plans to star in a movie, and plans to devote himself to music.

“My acting career is almost finished because I’m an actor in one role, the actor “Pasha from the TV series “Chernobyl”. For two years, professionally speaking, as about making money, I earn money for acting only on “Chernobyl: exclusion Zone”. There are other things that are interesting to me, and they are also art,” says the actor.

Very soon finished shooting the second season. At the moment work is being done in Latvia. The young man is not considering new proposals in the entertainment industry. The young man had already decided that I would try herself in the musical field.

The new season of “Chernobyl” will be released sometime in the fall. The first editions of action-movie audiences saw in 2014. An unexpected outcome in the last episode made the audience look forward to continue to require, and the actors who performed the main role, became the favorites of the teenagers.