Денис Мацуев впервые заговорил о ребенке от балерины The pianist admitted that he had a daughter Anna. The artist had not previously commented on the events of his personal life, but for the program, Ivan Urgant, he made an exception. In the Studio Matsuev said at the end of last year he had a firstborn, and also spoke about Hobbies heiress.
Денис Мацуев впервые заговорил о ребенке от балерины

Famous pianist and winner of numerous awards Denis Matsuev became the guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. The artist managed to find a few hours in his busy schedule to come to pass. Ivan Urgant asked a celebrity about his personal life, upcoming concerts and love football. Live entertainment shows Matsuev received congratulations with the birth of his daughter. Previously Denis was very evasive answering questions about the baby. His fiancee Catherine Shipulina also did not disclose details. A girl named Anna.

The star told the host about how he manages to combine work and parenting baby. As admitted Matsuev, he always hurries home to the child and the woman.

“I have coming to you, and have the hours to see Anna Denisovna”, – said the actor.
Денис Мацуев впервые заговорил о ребенке от балерины

According to the pianist, Anna Denisovna has learned to distinguish different pieces of music. Denis tries to instill in the child a taste for good music, and to develop her hearing from an early age.

“Her favorite piece – “Parsley” Stravinsky. She really doesn’t like the second Concerto by Liszt”, – explained the artist. Then Denis showed how the baby reacts to his music, issued a cry in the Studio of Ivan Urgant.

As noted actor, if he was born a boy, he’d call him Spartacus after his favorite football club. Matsuev is always trying to follow your favorite team and sincerely rejoices in her victories. According to the pianist, love of football was instilled in him grandma.

Recall that Denis Matsuev happy marriage with the prima ballerina Ekaterina Shipulina. In the autumn of last year in press the information appeared that the couple is expecting a child. Matsuev went from asking for one of the journalists, saying about the changes in life will tell you his music. According to some, a baby born at the end of October. The girl’s mother quickly returned to form and began to rehearse. On the page in the social network it tells about Anna, not wanting to draw attention to their lives.