Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой сравнили с фарфоровой куклой The presenter boasted unusual appearance of the heiress. Larisa Guzeeva was published in the microblog photo, which depicts a 17-year-old Lola. Fans of the stars came in awe of the beauty of the girl.

Larissa Guzeeva has two grown-up children, George and Olga. Despite a busy work schedule and active social life, the actress tries to spend with them as much as possible. Besides the fact that the boys believe mom, your best friend and trust her absolutely all the secrets, their pictures often appear in the microblog actress. Recently, the celebrity has released another the heiress. On it the girl depicted in a new way, reminiscent of the style of a Japanese geisha: highly powdered face, bright lips and eyeliner. “My daughter,” simply signed post TV presenter.

Interestingly, in the first minutes after the appearance of the frame in the Internet, he made a splash. The followers of the star have decided not to hide the turbulent emotions and began to comment on the record, expressing an extraordinary delight. Users of the social network have admired the beauty and appearance Lely.

“It’s a masterpiece. Magical!”, “What an amazing girl. Very similar to you, Larissa!”, “And I think that girl is a spitting image of your father!”, “Goddess! There are no words!”, “Wow, how bright and talented daughter you have”, “Like a Japanese porcelain doll. Very sophisticated,” wrote actress fans.

Also some members of the star decided to find out who painted the girl. It turned out that the author of the make-up was Olga herself. The successor artist is not the first time surprises the public with such experiments. She thinks each image: selects a colour palette and working on every detail.

It is worth noting that the daughter Guzeeva always been a special love of extravagance. Users “Instagram” note that the beauty has a rather unusual taste in clothes and often appears in public in unusual outfits. However, the Lola is sure that adopted the style of the famous mother. As a child, she watched as the mom is dressed in a flashy colorful sweaters or leather jackets. Perhaps at that age the girl was born such a fondness for fancy clothing. Now the girl admits that can take things from your brother or father to get them in the store. Daughter Larisa Guzeeva: “I am lazy”