Ирине Агибаловой пришлось обратиться к гадалке The woman shared with her followers that went to a clairvoyant session. She told the important moments in her life and told about what to expect in the near future. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” reported that she was able to discuss with the seer. The reaction of the subscribers were ambiguous.

      Irina Agibalova, by and large, extremely skeptical of fortune-tellers and clairvoyants, however, sometimes makes an exception for some people who, in her opinion, truly deserve. This time she turned to a woman named angelina. She discussed with her his past, present, and received valuable advice on how to build the future. About the prediction, obtained during the session, Agibalova prefer to tell later.

      The stars that throughout the consultation with the astrologers

      It should be noted that Irina for a long time could not decide on meeting people with supernatural powers. Last year, she went over to one astrologer, with whom he discussed some of the problems. Agibalova admitted that long to gather his thoughts before he agreed to talk about what was bothering her.

      During the first such session she was able to figure out why all the dogs that lived in her house died quite early. When she sent the astrologer a photo from the residence, she said that no curse or no damage. On the contrary, all the members of the family are under strong protection, the woman no sense to worry and beat yourself up. According to the expert, dying Pets along with them carried away all the negativity that has accumulated around Agibalova, but did not affect their lives. Even then, she received several predictions about children and grandchildren. Irina does not have a good self-fulfilling prophecy or not, however after acceptance remained confident that all will come true.

      Now the fortune teller angelina told her that she sees. How it fits in with the thoughts of an astrologer, is to judge Agibalova. Obviously, after a meeting with a clairvoyant, it will be able to compare the facts and decide where all the truth lies.

      It should be noted that not all members of a star supported it. Some were of the opinion that going to such people no good do not lead. Someone popitas to put pressure on the fact that Irina has positioned itself as a believer. It seems that in this case you can not appeal to mages and healers. One way or another, some users of the Network do not see anything wrong in that for the sake of curiosity and interest to look into the future. Moreover, according to followers, it is not always true. Irina Agibalova recalls with horror a life of poverty

      “Irina, why you need it? And so you all know?”, “If you are a believer, you will not go more to this fortune teller ever! Not worth it!”, “Such things are better not to cover in social networks,” wrote subscribers in Instagram celebrity.