Yulia Nachalova get rid of the memories of ex-husband

Юлия Началова избавляется от воспоминаний о бывшем муже In his microblog artist posted the video, which provoked a lively reaction among its subscribers. A humorous singer told about methods used in order to erase the mistakes of the past and start a new life. Netizens appreciated the irony of the performer.

      Until recently, Yulia Nachalova was the civil wife of the hockey player Alexander Frolov. For the past five years, many were jealous of their love and strong relationship. However, in October of this year, the couple broke up. Julia herself said about the gap in the social network. Despite the failure in marriage, she proves to the users of the Network that feels happy and not in need of great support after parting with her second husband. To defuse the situation in the microblog, she released a video, which allegedly accidentally discovers on his right wrist, the initials of a former lover “A. f”.

      Yulia Nachalova about breaking up with her husband: “I was hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything”

      Woman tattoo on his arm seems to be a real tragedy, and she’s at home trying it out. The video shows that Julia uses washing and cleaning products, and even the toilet brush. She’s in a panic running around the apartment, not knowing how to do it in this situation. Nothing can help the performer to get rid of the fatal letters. On the verge of despair, she resolves your problem. Under the letters “A” and “f” Nachalova has added the names of Alla and Philip. Apparently, the woman meant Philip Kurokawa and Alla Pugacheva, since reproduced this action under the composition of the prima Donna “Life cannot be turned back.”

      It should be noted that Julia simply call your video “One morning, or there are no hopeless situations”. Subscribers with humor reacted to that shot the artist. They thought that through such self-irony many will be able to think about how we should behave in order not to fall into despair. Netizens stressed that pleasantly surprised the mood of Nachalovo and its relation to the rupture with Frolovo. Some followers didn’t even know that the star has a tattoo with the initials of her ex-husband. That is why they began to prove that there is a cost to put these drawings on the body, it is not known how things can turn around in the future.

      “Yulchik, rzhu can not. With the brush you killed me. I told you in the movie need to”, “Keep joking,I like it!”, “That’s what soronia and genuine attitude to the situation. Remembered as soon as she was divorced. And tears, and laughter!” – wrote followers in Instagram celebrity.

      In General, commentators laughed at the short video. They stated that Nachalova well played scene with surprise discovered on the wrist tattoo. For them, whatever it was, remains important that Julia never tried myself so comforting, and really easy attitude to parting with a former lover. Someone said that she has no time to be sad, because she needs to have creativity and education of the younger heiress.