Джонни Депп остался «у разбитого корыта»
The actor had been defeated on all fronts.

Johnny Depp


Despite the willingness of johnny Depp to show that all
he’s fine, he’s going through
clearly not the best of times. His marriage with amber heard ended with a resounding scandal
which has dealt a serious blow to his reputation. Former civil wife of the
the actor refused to accept his “prodigal spouse” back. And now
experts of the authoritative edition of Forbes
came to the conclusion that Depp has ceased to be a “cash star”!

Johnny topped the list of “most overrated actors
Hollywood” published. And, most regrettably, Depp has become a leader
this list for the second year in a row. At
to experts, every dollar spent on his fee brings
the creators of the films with his participation, only 2, 8 dollar. That is, the fees Depp “eat” almost half of the profits.

The last date of the Premier johnny,
he had high hopes, was also not very successful in his
career. The cost of production at $ 77 million it collected in
the release in the U.S. only 77 million. What gave grounds to the critics to admit it the most
a mighty flop this summer. Although the showing of this film in theaters only
the rest of the world have brought another 200 million, the Studio was left at a loss.
After all, to pay more and the enormous costs for advertising, promotion, and rental,
fees would have to exceed the amount of the cost of production at least two

Not better things Johnny on the personal front. It
lawyers still can not complete the divorce proceedings of actor amber heard.
In the press it flashes a skirmish between his supporters and defenders
Amber, believing that he beat his wife. And when Depp tried to return ”
confess” to your Vanessa Paradis, his former civil wife, whom he
up for heard, she rejected him. As it turned out that his place is already occupied by: Vanessa
now in love with another man — actor, writer and screenwriter Samuel Benchetrit