Irena Ponaroshku revealed the secret of good health son

Ирена Понарошку раскрыла секрет крепкого здоровья сына
Presenter is sure that the cause a strong immune system of the child in the hardening system.

Irena Ponaroshku son Seraphim

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku is overjoyed her son’s health Seraphim.
In recognition of the presenter, the child almost never hurts — and all thanks to the
of hardening, which the star was referred to them by the attending physician.

“Do not stop thanking the doctor for the recommendation to sleep when
a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius! — says Irena. — We have reached the point that
under 18S fall asleep and Wake up in the morning at 15-16S! A child sleeps under ordinary
light blanket in a thin t-shirt and pajama shorts. Seraphim always throws
a blanket and sleeping without him, with bare arms and legs. And since then, as it came in
habit, we have almost ceased to ache, although always dressed out of season,
constantly flying from one climate to another, drinking beverages with ice included in
full air conditioning and so on. So if we talk about hardening, this is the first
why would I recommend to start”.

Fun often shares with fans recommendations
education and development of children, and followers of her microblog often thank Irena
for the tips. For example, many wondered how, following a vegan
diet, Seraphim harmonious growing and developing. In one of the posts presenter
published the full diet of the son.