Maria, Keri went on a date with her ex-husband

Мерайя Кери сходила на свидание с бывшим мужем

Maria, Keri loves lately to spend the evening with her ex-husband and the father of their children Maracana and Monroe, Nick Cannon. American singer and her ex-husband was in such close relationship that it is brought to a white heat last cavalier artist Brian Tanaka, and in the end was the reason for their breakup.

Despite the divorce, the couple spent the holidays together with the children, leaving their new partners to languish in expectation. And if ex-boyfriend Carey Australian billionaire James packer had waited patiently for that young and hot Brian didn’t want to put up with the second role. But enough about him, let’s talk about Maria and Nick. This past weekend noticed a couple on a date. The present, without children. And this is the second such activity this week. No need to insinuate that the rumors about the affair between the former spouses has spread at lightning speed.
Eyewitnesses claim that Nick and Maria enjoyed the conversation and even flirted with each other. It turned out that jealousy Tanaka played a trick on him and piqued the interest of Carey to her ex-husband. Fans of couples already waiting for the continuation of their relationship, forgetting about the fact that in February of this year, a new friend, host Brittany bell, which he does not advertise, bore him a son.
Rumors about a possible resumption of the novel, Maria no, no Nick don’t comment.