VIDEO: 7-year-old star of the series “Optimist”: “Grow and turn in Ryder meat with blood!”

ВИДЕО: 7-летняя звезда сериала «Оптимисты»: «Вырасту и включу в райдер мясо с кровью!»
The rising star of Russian cinema Mar Timofeev said about the shooting of journalists by Vdovichenkov and feelings for Rinal Muhametov.

ВИДЕО: 7-летняя звезда сериала «Оптимисты»: «Вырасту и включу в райдер мясо с кровью!»

ВИДЕО: 7-летняя звезда сериала «Оптимисты»: «Вырасту и включу в райдер мясо с кровью!»

the little actress of the series “the Optimists,” which starts today on TV
“Russia”, March Timofeeva only 7,
and her filmography includes over 20 paintings. Her partners were Yevgeny Mironov, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Sergei Bezrukov, Sergey Garmash, Alena Babenko,
Yegor Beroev, Ksenia Alferova, Julia Snigir and other stars of the first magnitude. In “The Optimists”
she starred Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Evgenia Brik, which immediately
also became friends. Vladimir in this story about the diplomats 60 years played
the chief of information-analytical Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Grigoriy Biryukov, father
the heroine, Martha, who has a daughter Anja. And Eugene played his
beloved TV speaker Galina Wolin.

— Martha, what did you call Vladimir Vdovichenkov behind the scenes?

— Volodya or Vova just, he’s very good and fun. When we
met, he asked me: “Martha, did you eat lunch?”. And I said, “Yes, I eat pancakes with sour cream,
I love them”. He me laugh. Shot in some apartment, and there was
stuffed sea urchin. He saw it and said, “That I am”.

— What does this mean?

— Well, Dylan is awake the same prickly. But with me he was always kind. We
constantly talked about cartoons, and about anything else. The camera is already included, as we
He’d talk and have a conversation with him interesting.

— Vladimir once shown a toy elephant and said it was your gift. It

— Our aunt Tanya sewing stuffed toys and gives us. And her elephant mother and
gave Volodya. And he’s just like a little: “Oh, what a good elephant!
Thank you!”. And daughter Jenny Brick Zoe we on birthday was presented with a toy
the kitty that my aunt made. Zoe lives in America, we cat her through Eugene
passed. Eugene, too, we are all the time some gifts presents, she is very kind and
very beautiful. We get together and talk on the phone. While we’re talking Zoe
on Skype in Russian and English. I’m studying English, and Zoe to me

— You on the set of “Optimists” was there any difficult scene?

— Yes, when Volodya, which is where my dad went to work and I stayed home with his Secretary, I had to eat candy “Bear in the North”. Shot many, many takes, and I shouted: “I Want a holiday-beskapotniki”. I then instead of candy were given a piece of Apple I was chewing. And it was sad when the girl Anya I play, had a dream that Laika from space never came back. The girls comforted me: she gets the job done. And I on this shoot fell in love with the Rinal Mukhametov, he plays the diplomat.

— Rinal knew about it?

I do not know. He gets out of the car, and I look at him, look, look. Rinal embarrassed: “Yes, Martha, I’ve got a new suit”. I told him: “I’m not a suit watch.” He was even more embarrassed.

— Do you like to do?

— Yes, I want to be an actress when I grow up. It’s the best job. And want to include the rider, his favorite dish — meat with blood, but it will be when I become a famous.