Irena Ponaroshku calls to get rid of junk

Ирена Понарошку призывает избавиться от хлама
The presenter told us about the lunar Eclipse.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: @irenaponaroshku/Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku — one of the few celebrities who
social networks not only writes about himself, but also gives fans life
tips. For example, the TV star explained what to do during a lunar Eclipse. “On Monday, 7th August at 21.20 at
a lunar Eclipse! And this is a great time for deliverance
from everything unnecessary and superfluous! To divorce and leave, however, is not necessary,
in view of the full moon and, as a consequence, the intense emotional background.But
to throw out the trash from the apartment and heads, or quit the habit, which long hindered
to live “Yes,” said Fake. In
the time of the Eclipse, as well as 3 hours before/after it preferably will not
profile, no important things to do, not bothering anyone, not
naughty, fix the stove! In General, the Eclipse ground 3 days before and 3 days
after, this can be capricious children, husbands and mother-in-law!”

We will remind, Irena Ponaroshku family is now resting in Los Angeles — in Santa Monica.”Once
a long time ago, before kids and Chia seeds, my friend was on one ocean
surf spot — says Irena. — No guys, liabilities and bras… We
it was very cool, we brought the gigabytes of useless photos of the bushes and dogs, I
got rid of them on a computer and remember the folder called “Ocean Avgustovich Surfing”. We
even didn’t mind the trip to hook up with someone from salty blondes
with the boards, but something went wrong — their beer parties completely killed our
Turgenev’s libido… it’s been 15 years, and here again in my life Ocean Avgustovich
Surfing! And I still have a blond guy with a Board! And do not drink beer, and
it smells delicious!”