Alexander Kerzhakov completed a career

Александр Кержаков завершил спортивную карьеру
34-year-old said goodbye to their fans.

Alexander Kerzhakov

Photo: Instagram

Titled striker “Zenit” Alexander Kerzhakov
has finished sports career. Before the triumphal match “Zenit” — “Spartacus”
the ceremony honoring the legendary athlete. To say goodbye to
fans together with Kerzhakov on the left his wife Milana, daughter Daria, sons
Igor and Artem. Fans fervently held by Alexander, and he barely
choking back tears, saying goodbye to the fans.

“Thanks to you and your partners I was
player. Thanks to your support I have always felt that the team needs and
fans, said Kerzhakov. — Believe me, I tried to pay you the same
coin. I think I have a little succeeded. Thank you very much! I
I will go for all matches of “Zenith”, and, if there is no such support
today, I will be very upset. I love you very much. “Zenith” — the champion!”

We will remind, sports
Alexander started his career in the team “Svetogorets”, and in 2001 began to play for
“Zenith”. Kerzhakov is the top scorer in the history of Russian football. In his
the Bank 233 goals.