Robert Pattinson caught with Katy Perry

Роберта Пэттинсона застукали с Кэти Перри
The bride of actor suspected him of treason.

Роберта Пэттинсона застукали с Кэти Перри

Robert Pattinson


Katy Perry


As told one of the
friends Waist Barnett, girlfriend of Robert Pattinson, the singer amazed and
hurt. She never expected that her fiancé would allow myself to open to the public
flirting with another woman.

to witness inappropriate behaviour Pattinson may be any of the
visitors to the Sunset restaurant
Tower Hotel in
West Hollywood, where the actor spent the evening in the company of Katy Perry. Moreover,
Robert and Katie were photographed together managed to shoot the paparazzi, and those pictures were in

In fact, Pattinson and
Perry is familiar for a long time. In 2013, when Robert was still seeing
Kristen Stewart, they even suspected the affair.
After appearing together at the wedding of one of their mutual friends, Pattinson
and Perry so blatantly flirted with each other that it was simply impossible
not to notice. So Perry even had to write Kristen a letter of apology,
what Katie said in one of his interviews. So flirting with Perry
Pattinson then continue not happened.

Since then, Katie had
relive the romance with Orlando bloom. And Robert struck up a serious relationship with
Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs. More
the actor had even officially got engaged in March of 2015. However, in his
a recent interview, he allowed himself a strange phrase. Robert said, “like
how engaged Waist.” Besides, the last time him and Talia rarely see together what
gives good reason to believe that the relationship of the actor and his fiancee
survive the crisis.

As for Perry,
after in February this year, the singer broke up with Orlando bloom, it is generally absolutely free
to build a romantic relationship with anyone she pleases.