Instead of the undressed leading Belarusian “Eurovision”

Вместо белоруса разделся ведущий «Евровидения»

The audience did not wait from Alexander Ivanov promised performance. But last year’s winner of the competition of måns Zelmerlow not disappoint.

The number of the participant from Belarus Russians waited almost as well as the performance of our compatriot Sergey Lazarev. Of course! The musician made his statement this announcement!..

It was assumed that Alexander will sing her song completely naked, and even in company with a live wolf!

A few hours before the start of the second semifinal of “Eurovision” the world held its breath. And here Ivanov pulled his “Help You “Fly” and… disappointment! The musician has performed in clothes and without the promised live wolf!

The situation was corrected last year’s winner of “Eurovision”. While presenter Petra Mede announced the presentation of the next participant måns Zelmerlow took off his clothes and appeared behind her, completely naked. Their nakedness covered only by a he had a toy wolf.

Now, the speech of Sergey Lazarev, the Russians were very, very happy. Amazing performance, amazing graphics… Journalists have already called the member number from Russia, the most spectacular in history.

We will remind, Sergey Lazarev was preparing him for several months. And during the first rehearsal in Stockholm had nearly suffered a serious injury (read more HERE). Then the actor fell off one of the steps of the scenery. Fortunately, I escaped with only slight shock.

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