Same thing: Belarusian used the same chip as the Lazarev

Одно и тоже: Белорус использовал ту же фишку, что и Лазарев

Alexander Ivanov presented the room to the song “Help You “Fly” and disappointed fans.

Performance of the participant from Belarus was one of the most anticipated in the second semifinal of “Eurovision”. And no wonder! The announcement of the numbers just struck fans. Alexander Ivanov promised that he would come on stage naked, and even in a company with a real wild wolf!

May 12, the artist came on stage the sports-concert complex “Globen”in Stockholm. The audience held their breath, Tony pulled his song “Help You “Fly”, but none of the promised the fans never saw.

The singer took the stage in jeans and a beige jacket. The image of him naked flashed only momentarily in the hologram. Has not appeared on the scene and promised a wild beast. Instead of the wolf throughout the performance the spectators could watch a light projection. Nothing frightening.

Individual part numbers, and all, was surprising. Especially the wings that appeared behind Ivanova at the end of the speech.

“We’ve seen this before” – there were the comments of users on the Internet.

And no wonder. 10 may during the first semi-final was made by Sergey Lazarev, in the room of which the wings have become one of the main elements of a light show.

Of course, someone will hardly venture to accuse Ivanov of plagiarism. There probably is a coincidence, an unfortunate but nevertheless interesting. How could it come that the two participants of the competition were similar numbers is a real mystery.

In the meantime…

Since the contestants have been forbidden to sing in the Nude to please honest people decided the host of “Eurovision”.

Immediately after the speech, Ivanov appeared on the scene the comedian Petra Mede, while behind her back… totally naked måns Zelmerlow.

Last year’s winner of “Eurovision”, and now presenter and host of the show broke down and decided to please the audience. Before the cameras, he appeared without clothes and with a toy wolf in his hands (read more here).

By the way

The speech of Sergey Lazarev already declared one of the most spectacular in the entire history of Eurovision. Recall that in Stockholm the singer performed the song “You are the only one”.

Brilliant vocals, stylish suit and bright choreography were only a small fraction of what was seen by the fans. The highlight of the program was an amazing light show, which the singer has prepared more than one month.

First results: what are the odds to win, in your opinion, Sergey Lazarev?

  • Stand in the top three: unlikely to allow Russia to win
  • Ukraine didn’t make the final, really, put aside politics and appreciate the song? Then we have all the chances to win!
  • His room was the best, by far, will win!
  • Likely to be in the top five and win Netherlands
  • Write your variant in comments

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