Not met expectations: Belarusian in clothes and without wolf

Не оправдал ожиданий: белорус в одежде и без волка

The team of the Belarusian singer Alexander Ivanov, failed to carry out all conceived plans in the semi-final of “Eurovision”.

Usually the contestants hold details of performances in secret, but ward Victor Drobysh said: he is preparing something enchanting. The singer not only was going to go on stage completely naked, and in company with a live wolf! Unfortunately, neither the talk about the wolves or about the way Frank has not helped the young artist to enter the finals.

On the stage of the competition, viewers saw Luke fully dressed and live dogs are not accompanied by a cost projection. However, we must pay tribute to the team Ivanov, his room didn’t stop talking the last week.

However, when the time has come “X” it’s a small disappointment, after all so long waited very provocative rooms in the entire history of the competition.

I must say, to fancy the idea of the artist from the beginning, not all reacted with great enthusiasm. There were those who condemned and those who did not believe that such a room really come to the stage of “Eurovision”.

However, the musical producer Victor Drobysh never tired of repeating that his client be allowed to speak at the “Eurovision 2016” naked and living in a society of predators.

Recall that one of the rules of the contest States that to the stage you can’t go out with animals, especially with wild. Victor and his team were active in negotiations, to show still took place, but apparently the Belarusian performer “IVAN” had not received leniency on the part of the organizers of the competition.

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