Inna Volovicheva told about the relationship with the pervert

Инна Воловичева рассказала о связи с извращенцем The star of “House-2” continues to share with the fans details of the past. Inna Volovicheva without hesitation shares the most spicy moments. The followers of the microblog literally begging her to continue the story.

      A few days ago, ex-member of popular telestroke Inna Volovicheva surprised followers on Instagram in an unusual post. The woman began to lead a whole section devoted to excerpts from the personal diary, which suddenly found among forgotten things. A celebrity already told the fans about how he tried unsuccessfully to find love on a Dating site and what “characters” she had to go on a date. Inna Volovicheva shared intimate records

      But the history of ina ended. Members encouraged her to continue to share interesting cases from the past. In a new post Volovicheva told about an acquaintance that can not forget until now. However, what exactly did the man, it is not yet told. Apparently, fans should expect an explanation in the next post darling.

      “Such instances of how She is, I’m on a Dating site not been caught, but he was a pervert. The case was still before I moved to Moscow. I got one fruit in Belgorod. Then I weighed 115, but a little less than about 105, but that doesn’t make me a Princess. Therefore, attempts to find his “happiness” on the Internet, I took a long time and to no avail,” wrote the star.

      The woman said that communicated with the fan in the Network about a week before he asked her out on a date. In the luxury restaurant, the young people were able to talk in a relaxed atmosphere and to get acquainted. Inna immediately noticed the expensive watches and fashionable clothes companion, and also appreciated his gentleman qualities – the man paid the bill. The brunette liked and priorities boyfriend: he said, he dreamed about a family lived in the countryside and develop their own business. However, Volovicheva was more important than intellectual ability and behaviour of the chosen one in bed than material security.

      “Right there is already a “complete” halt, and even a draw… Weird. Young, beautiful, smart, business, big house and fancy truck… And one. Something is wrong… was it me every night to go, and then I thought. He generally did not bother me, even kissing would not climb. That is, wrote, called and went constantly, but I get to at least kiss at parting, he dodged and said, “Inna! It is necessary to wait a little longer, we are not so well know each other…” – said followers writer.