Gave birth to Alla Dovlatov needs the help of strangers

Родившая Алла Довлатова нуждается в помощи посторонних людей
The radio host spoke about how the birth went and showed the first photo of the baby.

Alla Dovlatov with her daughter

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov two days ago became a mother for the fourth time. The radio presenters had another girl. In support of Dovlatov was invited to labor in almost his entire family. The baby was born by caesarean section.

“Yesterday we gave birth to a girl! I say we because I was supported by my husband and mother, who came from St. Petersburg (with daddy) and my children too for me worried… Today we are in an ordinary ward. Get a sneak congratulations and very happy! Thank You very much for Your kind and sincere wishes! I also wish You all a hundredfold! What is the perfect mental state — to be a mom! The whole world becomes so beautiful and loved!” — said Alla.

Now alle to choose a newborn name. With that she was having some difficulties. Her close friend Stanislav Sadalsky has issued a call out on social networks. He published a post asking for help to determine the name of the girl.

“Guys, guys tell me how to call the daughter of Alla Dovlatova ? The son of a Pasha says Marianne! The daughter insists — my sister looks just like Elena… Please, tell me what name is not enough Hello? Kids — Dasha, Pasha, Alexander, and…” — wrote Sadalsky. Fans have advised several options, how can you call the baby, but the final decision naturally rests with the parents.

Meanwhile, Dovlatov intends to promptly return to work. After a few days she will return to work at the radio station.